MDR4853 Wright R-1820 Cyclone late


Set contains resin and photoetched parts to build 1 engine "Wright R-1820 Cyclone" (late modification).

Applications: Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Boeing 307, Brewster F2A, Curtiss AT-32-A Condor, Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver, Curtiss P-36 Mohawk, Curtiss SC Seahawk, Curtiss-Wright CW-21, Douglas A-33, Douglas B-18, Douglas DC-2, Douglas DC-3 (DST, G-102 and G-202), Douglas Super DC-3, R4D-8 / C-117, Douglas DC-5, Douglas DF Wright SGR-1820G-2, Douglas SBD Dauntless, FMA AeMB.2 Bombi, General Motors FM-2 Wildcat, Grumman TF-1 / C-1 Trader, Grumman E-1 Tracer, Grumman FF, Grumman F3F, Grumman XF5F, Grumman XP-50, Grumman HU-16 Albatross, Grumman J2F Duck, Grumman S-2 Tracker, Lockheed 14, Lockheed Lodestar, Lockheed Hudson, Martin B-10, North American NA-44, North American O-47, North American P-64, North American T-28B/C/D Trojan, Northrop YC-125 Raider, Piasecki H-21, Polikarpov I-16, Ryan FR Fireball, Sikorsky S-58/HUS/HSS/H-34.


"The R-1820 Cyclone 9 - a radial engine developed by Curtiss-Wright, nine-cylinder single-row supercharged air-cooled radial engine.

Produced: 1930s - 1950s."


Resin, photoetch
Metallic Details
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